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Miyagi, Michio 宮城道雄 (1894-1956)

A Legendary koto musician, blind performer, composer, innovator of traditional Japanese music, and essayist, too. Learned not only koto but also Western music, he had become an innovative composer and performer of koto, as well as inventor of 17 string koto, which has 13 strings traditionally though. He created new classics of koto, Shakuhachi, and Voice solo, duo, trio, or chamber ensembles.

春の海 ルネ・シュメーとのヴァイオリン版 haru no umi violin Chumet

水の変態 mizu no hentai - changing forms of water

秋の調べ aki no shirabe - autumn music

瀬音 seoto - stream sound

さくら変奏曲 sakura variation

ロンドンの夜の雨 rain in London night

六段 rokudan - 6 forms of music

末の契り sue no chigiri - promise in the future

秋風の曲(前段) akikaze no kyoku - music of autumn wind

箏独奏曲集 Koto solo album

数へ唄変奏曲 counting song variation

風鈴 hurin - windbell

線香花火 senko hanabi - sparkler

虫の歌 mushi no uta - song of insects

三つの遊び Three Children's Plays

まりつき - three plays - ball

かくれんぼ three plays - hide and seek

汽車ごっこ three plays - train

手事 tegoto

第一楽章 手事 1st mov. tegoto

第二楽章 組歌風 2nd mov. kumiutahu

第三楽章 輪舌 3rd mov. rinzetu

五十鈴川 isuzu gawa river

祭りの太鼓 festival drum

中空砧 nakazora kinuta

衛兵の交替 soldiers' change shift

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