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Automatic Feed Veneer Patcher
HWBZ60*100LVeneer Patching Press
HWB Automatic Veneer Patcher
HBJ-8Q Glue Spreader
HBJ-8QZ Glue Spreader
HDGS48Double work station Hot-pressing Dryer
HDG48 Hot-pressing Dryer
HDG-Z Longitudinal Veneer Hot-pressing Dryer
HYFB48 Container Special Hydraulic Board Overturner
HSS-5 Double Hydraulic Lifter
HVPP48 Veneer Packing Pre-press
4'6'Series of Glue Spreader
HBJ-8'Glue spreader
HWB-H Heavy Antomatic Veneer Partcher
HWB-DB Veneer Edge Mending Machine
HFB48 Hydraulic Plates Turning-over Machine
HS Hydraulic Elevator
HDP Veneer Splicer Machine
Semiautomatic Press Machine
Trimming saw
Pneumatic Clipper
HWY Bending Wood Hot press
HRJ Series Hot Press
450T Single-layer Pre-press
Veneer Bidirectional Dryer Type HSG48
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Semiautomatic Press Machine

The Semiautomatic Press Machine is a modern machine which Hot-presses and splices the scrappy veneer of bevel polished and glue-spreaded. There are electrohead pipes heating the Hot Platen. There are Air Cylinders of up placed pressing the veneer. And there is Automatic Feeding Device beside both of the Rack feeding the veneer. When working, push the veneer to limiting baffle, then press button or foot switch. The Automatic Feeding Device clamps, feeds and hot-presses the veneer automatically. The Hot-pressing Bar will separate from veneer when the setting time arrives and the work process finishes.
Major Technical Parametrs
Description Specification
Specification of hotplaten 1400x70x50(mm)
Required air pressure 0.4~0.6Mpa
Power 2x1.8kw
Working stroke 60mm
Overall dimension 1760x1130x1820(mm)
Weight 900kg

The machine is an ideal equipment to cut off veneer at fixed length,after joint by the Veneer Scarf Joint System in production of Plywood and Blockboard.And it is also one of the key equipment in the product line of Plywood and Blockboard.The machine cuts in high speed and feeds by precision track.Cutting veneer can be automatically controlled.Its feature is simple,practical in structure,simple to operate and highly automatic.
Major Technical Parametrs
Cutting width ≤1500mm
Cutting thickness 1~8mm
The height of the worktable 770mm
Rotation speed of the saw 2900rpm
Feeding speed 18m/min
Dimension of the saw (φ250 x 3.5 x φ25.4)mm
Power 1600+60w
Overall dimension 2500Lx1450Wx1450Hmm
Approx weight 800kg
Automatic Feed Veneer Patcher
Automatic Feed Veneer Patcher
HWBZ60*100LVeneer Patching Press
HWBZ60*100LVeneer Patching Press
HWB Automatic Veneer Patcher
HWB Automatic Veneer Patcher
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